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“In contemporary post-post society, great utopias and enemies have fallen, dragging back with it artistic political involvement and convictions. At the other side, in a massive capitalist economy, the trends of spectacular consumerism had commodified and generalized aesthetics within our most mundane existence and experiences.

It is no longer possible to confront society without being part of it. Our micro-political being and mini-ideals have replaced mass revolutions. The conflicts that were once clearly defined and its visions expressed openly in slogans, are now interiorized and in the strategies, procedures and development of works created by a new generation of artists.

"Because"evil" is everywhere, and because, (…) one can no longer propose forms that both reflect and denounce the real, the more effective sabotage isn't that which target an invisible, obsolete enemy, devoid of any meaning and reality - society, an opposing party, an ideology, Big Brother - but that which hinders, irritates, and impacts the nature of relationships that govern society…" states art critic Thibault Carles .

Departing from this reflection on the political and the aesthetical dimension of the art practice today, the workshop aims at creating a series of micro-public-interventions and/or mini-narratives in relation to public spaces. They will configure as creative and critical exercises to explore the potential of friction, destabilization and “sabotage” of reality structures and its symbols.

The actions will be shot to video. Consequently, the audio-visual language becomes crucial to the conception of the pieces.