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The interactive multimedia installation Reconstrucidade (rebuildcities) is an art/technology project by Bijari, and is the result of a partnership between various professionals; designers, programmers, architects, musicians and sponsors.This installation consists of the creation of visual and sound landscapes, both individually and collectivelly, through the manipulation of objects on a Reactable.Reconstructable is the name given to the hardware – an experimental tabletop, an analogue interface adapted to a high performance system for reading and digital processing.Inside this tabletop is a video camera coupled with a system of mirrors, which detects the objects being moved through the fiducials.The interactive multimedia installation Reconstrucidade (rebuildcities) is a project sponsored by Visanet, having been originally displayed at the company’s premises and subsequently in other events such as the exhibition at the Centro de Cultura Judaica em São Paulo (centre for Jewish culture in São Paulo).