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Imagine taking, on your bike, banks and shadow to the public space. Portable squares. Come on: imagine a bicycle-square. Imagine a bicycle with a park bench and guard coupled sun. Wherever it stops, born a portable square, a place to be born, a bench to talk to, a minimum unit against the city.

Today they have just arrived from the factory. Are seventeen squares-portable ready for first action. The chosen place is far from being a meeting place: Largo da Batata. It has been alive in people and culture, but today is desert.

In seven blocks will be in Largo da Batata. We are in seventeen men-square and this makes it difficult locomotion. The first in line beeps when the lights open, the others follow. We occupy an entire lane Cardinal Arcoverde Street. Behind us, the cars honk always in a hurry. Banks are portable, but they weigh. On the third court, left two men square-back, but wait on the corner and moved on.

One may see green fences covered in graffiti and a stall selling herbs. The Largo is near. After the subway works remaining few stalls of street vendors, some forrós and either popular trade. Gentrification strides. We entered the Largo. The Police Battalion is the changing of the guard. In the background, the church. The powers remain intact and increasingly present. Doves fly the electrical wires to fight for space on the only remaining tree. There is no shadow, or at bus stops, which are now glass. We crossed into the other side of the square. It's a big empty lot, the renovated floor facilitates the movement of bicycles. Here is a place of intense passage, but not stop. People cross the sun and the rain to your destination.

Gradually, we parked our bikes-squares. We are many and populated the Largo. We opened banks and install the umbrellas. The shade, seating and people are already there. We need not expect the squares be built, imagine a square-portable and create. Our streets are nomadic. We the meeting where it was previously impossible. Busy, live, now the Potato Largo is the square of the Potato.