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In March 2007, the president George W. Bush came to Brazil to close a deal regarding biofuels. Strategic affiliation or economic colonization? Cereals for automobiles or food for people? These were some of the questions that emerged on the matter. We performed a series of symbolic reactions in Bush's presence with posters bringing up the question "Por que lutamos?" (Why do we fight?) along with a huge print with the statement "Temos álcool para dar e vender; ethanol molotov for Yankee target” (We have enough alcohol; ethanol molotov for Yankee target) both strategically positioned throughout the way that Bush's vehicle was doing in São Paulo.

After Brazil, Bush continued his journey to Ushuaia, Argentina, the city that was receiving the I Bienal do Fim do Mundo, in which Bijari participated. Opportunately, a Spanish version of the same posters occupied the streets of the city, repeating the same strategy and activating new questions regarding the local context besides our initial intention. Which are our battles and how we can overcome them? The recordings of the actions were exhibited in an installation counting with a symbolic molotov containing cachaça, which was served to the visitors as a way to initiate discussions around the question: ¿Por qué luchamos? (Why do we fight?).