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Oceano Invadido (Invaded Ocean), an immersive installation shaped like a marine environment in disintegration state, was the picture created by BijaRi for one of the most threatening mode of environmental damage caused by humans: the pollution of the oceans by plastic waste of which impacts of global proportions are perpetuated by generations.On the ceiling of the exhibition area, a mechanic-kinetics ceiling was built in wood, PVC tubes and translucent plastic pieces, reproducing the undulations of the ocean surface. The sculpture of a humpback whale, molded in wire and covered with plastic pieces and PET bottles, was floating in the center of the floor space between plastic anemones converted into pouffes, designed for the public to rest and enjoy the installation.A projection over a semi-sphere shape registered a video mapped animation showing the cycle covered by the plastic waste, from the human consumer's hand to its arrival on the ocean.The exhibition, sponsored by Caixa Econômica Federal, took place in 2010 at CAIXA Cultural Sé in São Paulo.