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About 60 inflatable dolls similar to a space hopper or bouncer, which can receive punches and blows, but always returning to the same upright position, and known in Brazil as "João Bobo", were placed at Patriarca Square in downtown São Paulo at rush hour. Passers-by and inflatables remained inert until a few of them started to bounce here and there... pof! pow!Individual interactions triggered an action that gradually evolved to collective proportions… Paw, Tuff, Pull, Tah!While a great catharsis takes place with kicking, blowing and spurning in-between, we recorded speeches with the audience amid spontaneous participation: which aggression forms are made manifest in urban daily life regarding different social actors and institutional powers? The intervention worked as sort of an excuse to trigger physical as well as verbal reactions that led to reflection and trauma exposure.The proposal was carried out during the urban cleaning process, which was accomplished as of 2005 in downtown São Paulo. This process was devoted to the removal of informal street traders and homeless people in order to create a context open to real estate speculation. the intervention is a part of the “Combate” Project shown by the itinerant CUBO platform.