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Ação Galinha #1 

Video, color, 4'20" ntsc 


How to interfere in the patterns of bodily and behavior expressions framed by different public contexts? How to create an intervention that reveals not only these different patterns but also invisible forms of social control and accessibility to the supposedly public spaces?In an attempt to answer these questions, BijaRi has endured this urban action where two hens are concomitantly freed at Largo da Batata, a Brazilian Northeastern culture enclave of low-income commuters who travel from downtown to the outskirts of the city; and in front of Iguatemi Mall, a trendy shopping center visited by the wealthier classes in town.Surprise, affectivity, rejection and astonishment were among the reactions registered in this action, in which the presence of the hens break out urban normality by promoting little catharsis, thus acting as an analyzing element of social tensions.