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The experimental laboratory for research, action, and reflection on urban space production known as “Zona de Ação” (Acting Zone) was created by the following groups: “A Revolução Não Será Televisionada”, BijaRi, Cobaia, Contra-filé, and Grupo de Arte Callejero (Argentina), in a partnership with SESC and theoretical support by Suely Rolnik, Peter Pal Palpert, and Brian Holmes. BijaRi developed “Our Air Space is For Sale” as a record of Largo do Batata, a popular enclave located in the wealthiest area in town, right in the middle of the “renovation” process. The local population, with its habits and culture, undergoing an increasing replacement process. The numerous interventions undertaken were intended towards establishing a dialogue with the local community as to create a shared sense of understanding such a “top-down” process.Interviews, posters, cartographies, postcards, balloons, and inflatables were a few means to celebrate Largo do Batata’s memory. The event ended with a multimedia presentation focusing on the entire development of the project.