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Entropicália: remixed and amplified. Remixed and amplified tropicalia entropy is the topic of the audiovisual created by Bijari together with several music producers. To rethink our bonds with our tropical legacy, from the poetic point of view through the music and coming to political, is the starting point of this presentation. This project consists in a deep research process in which we pretend to undo pre-established hierarchy between image and sound, thus giving support for each language reaches its maximum self-expression, amplifying the significance of the other. This relation grows with the live realization of the audiovisual, in which the interactive game between autonomous languages reaches its climax. Image, audio and performance contrasts to each other, temporal and rhythmically: the experiment of remixing and amplify.

DJs and Audio Producers invited

Database, Killer on the Dancefloor, Emmo Martins, Roots Rock Revolution