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Departing from an immersive process in downtown São Paulo, the multimedia urban intervention CUBO project outlined different points of view to activate stories and memories concerned with the local dynamics. A big cubic audiovisual structure with 7-meter side lengths was used as support screens for the projection of live images, music and theatrical performances in direct response to the public. The intervention was placed alternately on three distinct places in downtown São Paulo: Patriarca Square, Anhangabaú boulevard, and Sé Square.Six art groups were responsible for the development of the project: A Revolução Não Será Televisionada, BijaRi, Cobaia, Contra-filé, CIA Cachorra, and Perda Total.BijaRi presented “Combat”, a work that shows the struggle for the access and the use of the recently renovated spaces, supported by a massive police apparatus and a relegated population. The footages of the interventions created by the group were aimed at discussing these urban transformations in its gentrification process.