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Bijari has been developing since 2007 the project called Urban Nature (Natureza Urbana), released in multiple media, editions and derivations. Besides the theoretical part, in which we study urban issues related to environmental damages and temperature rise, we seek to create symbolic forms, especially installations and interventions in the urban space, which can translate and give shape to these questions.Therefore, the strategy is based on the appropriation of symbolic equipment and urban structures , agents of a harmful occupation model that, at the same time, have a collective identification character within the cities’ environment: the car, the bus, the outdoors, the dumpster, etc.With their appropriation, we look for subversion – emptying their “live” part (engines, gears, junk, advertising images) and reconstituting with nature. Ferns, bromeliads, shrubs, palm trees and cat’s claws start to rebuild a new life to barren, carcasses creating a unique and syncretic body.