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In the 1950s, Spanish dictator Franco banned the use of the bikini on the beaches of Spain, a measure that was adopted by the Vatican and supported by the moralistic views of that time. The fact is that the controversial invention by French designer Louis Réard in 1946, which paid homage to the atoll in the Pacific where in the same year nuclear tests were carried out, sparked a behavioral revolution and reignited old moral debates. In order to tell this fascinating story, German director Albert Knetchel and co-director Kiko Ribeiro produced the documentary Bikini Revolution, produced by Mixer. The film opens with a graphic animation which summarizes in one minute this bombastic invention, the political and customs context of the time it was launched, and the way it spread around the world until it reached Brazil, where, in one way or the other, it became immortalized. This video was created by Bijari and the soundtrack created by Gui Amabis and Beto Vilares.