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The German architect Hans-Walter Muller, known all over the world for his inflatable architectural sculptures, has worked on a project for the Ibirapuera Park’s sculpture. The responsibility for the execution and coordination of this one of a kind project, in which the architecture assume different shapes according to the air pressure inside, was granted to Bijari, which was also in charge of the audiovisual ambience.The concept of shape-changing architecture, in which the space is constantly modified, therefore interfering with the local landscape, inspired Bijari to think out a way of occupying this flexible space so as to unfold different perspectives.Inspired by references such as the experimental music of John Cage and by the cyber architecture of science-fiction films, the idea was to think of light, sound and touch as possibilities of architectural compositions with a view to integrating all the system into one single living and pulsating organism. A cylindrical structure in the middle of the space aims to expand the visual perception by creating the sensation of a cliff edge.