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The project America Love Me, attempted to situate the realm of American youth within the context of Immigration and Education in southern California.The research, taken place in November, 2010, consisted of contacting a series of young people, educational institutions and social interest organizations linked to immigrant youth, in order to gather different perspectives about the subject. What it is to be immigrant and student in the U.S? What are their perspectives and conflicts? What represents, nowadays, the “American Dream” for non American citizens?The content produced out of this research informed the group to draw a cartography that interconnects political, legal, economic and social matters related to the subject. The map entitled “Cartography of the Self Through the Immigratory Condition” unveil structures that support and profit from the maintenance of control apparatuses that define a lower class population deprived of most basic benefits and up to any kind of job.Project developed at Outpost Contemporary Art residency program, in Los Angeles, 2010.